Letters from Home

June 14, 2016

Good Morning Everyone,

    This is Monday morning and the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky. It is another beautiful day for us to enjoy. The walk I took this morning was around the outside of the store building. A Warbling Vireo was singing in the tall tree at the corner of the parking lot and Chimney Swifts were in the air. Two of the neighbors had laundry on the line and two others had their diesel engines running at their wood shops and the sound of the power saws could be heard from inside the one shop. One little barefooted boy was mowing lawn with a reel push mower and on the other side of the road a young girl was also mowing lawn. A young girl and a little boy came coasting down the road on their little scooters while 3 children went out the other way on a pony cart. This is just part of a peaceful summer morning at the Ashery.
     Summer time is also time for garage sales. On Fri & Sat June 17th & 18th the little town of Winesburg will have garage sales. Winesburg is on US 62 and 1 mile west of town is Ruby's Country Store. They are having a 10% off sale on those days. It is a very interesting store and well worth your time to visit.  
    A Machinery sale will be held at Mt. Hope on Sat. June 18th and a swap meet on July 15th & 16th.

    Strawberries are in season and peas are also being picked. Corn is planted and growing and some hay is being made. We have had nice drying weather for hay but the gardens are also very dry. Hopefully we will get rain soon.

     One day a few weeks an Amish school went on a field trip. There were 44 pupils and 16 sets of parents. They hired 6 vans for the occasion and visited Zoar Village and as a treat before going home stopped at the store for ice cream.
   Other customers of interest we have and recently were; folks from CA that originally came from Vietnam, folks that originally came from Germany, a few Amish couples from KY that came for horse sale, another couple from Beckely, WV and a lady that had never been here before from a local town of Apple Creek.
Quote: "Even the flowers don't try to compete with the ones beside them, they just bloom."

                     Have a good summer,


Letters from Home

June 01, 2016

Greetings to all our friends, It’s another great day to be alive!

     In looking back at these letters from home I’ve realized that I’ve been sort of absent in holding up my end of the deal in writing my letter from home. Maybe I should do an annual “book from home” The other thing that I realized is that the popularity of my letter is down quite a bit from the “Letter from home” that Sovilla writes very consistently on a monthly basis. So, my lack of writing may or may not have to do with that fact. :) I’m really just kidding about this. The one thing I’m not kidding about though is the fact that your responses to Sovilla’s Letter from home are great as Sovilla is very deserving of this in the fine job that she does for us all here at the Ashery Country Store.
     This year has started out in an exciting way for us here at the Ashery Country Store as we have expanded with the purchase of Ashery Farms, a bulk food store in Heath OH. Formerly owned by my sister Norita and her husband Marcus since 2009. Ashery Farms is a smaller version of the Ashery Country Store and though not able to carry the full line of everything we offer here, Ashery Farms will be looking to add as many of our popular items as possible to their product line. Find out more about Ashery Farms at asheryfarms.com
     A lot of people have asked, why Heath OH.? The reason is simply that Heath is where my sister and her husband had the opportunity to start a bulk food store while finishing their Bachelor degrees at OSU Newark. It all seemed like a good fit when the opportunity presented itself. We are very grateful for the wonder business Marcus and Norita built along with their employees and the opportunity they provided to us in purchasing Ashery Farms. Marcus is now serving as director of the Behalt Amish & Mennonite information center in Berlin, OH. Behalt tells the story of the Amish and Mennonites and is a wonderful place to stop and learn more.

     It’s been exciting to meet some of the same great customers at both stores this year as I have spent quite a bit of time there since the first of the year. If you get a chance, stop by Heath, Ohio and look up the great team of employees at Ashery Farms on 30th street.
   Thank you so much to all of you who are a part of making it possible for us to open our doors each day. Without our great customers and friends there wouldn’t be a whole lot to do around here.
                 God’s richest blessings to you all
                      Happy Trails,  Curt Yoder