Letters from Home

March 28, 2014

A Good Day To All,

    It's been good to see some of you since I last wrote and hopefully the predicted warmer weather will bring a few more of you around to say Hi in the coming days.

    I ended my last letter with a "stay tuned" for the upcoming opportunities that we have here at The Ashery and I'd like to take the time to clue you all in on the latest and solicit your input!

    I'm really excited to inform everyone that beginning this past week we broke ground for a New Expansion here at The Ashery! Plans are to  expand Bulk Foods, Deli, Seasonings & Spices, Fresh Ground Flour, & Cecil's Frozen Custard (Beginning Saturday April 5th 2014)  to name a few!   

    This is an exciting time as we have been dreaming of this as a family for the past several years and it's finally coming together!

    Our goal is to be in our new expansion by late summer - early fall. We are adding a warehouse, offices, new restrooms and prep area and our current packaging and warehouse area will be turned into retail.

     Here's where we really need all your input, We would like to fill our store with the items you want and would like to hear your suggestions on what specific items you would like to see us carry. While we can't guarantee we will be able to carry everything suggested we would like to do our very best to offer you what you are looking for!  So go ahead think outside the box and give us all kinds of ideas. It's fun to brainstorm together. To request an item or line of products, please email me at bulkfood@asherycountrystore.com or stop by The Ashery and tell one of our great Employees what it is that you would like to have us carry.

      I would like to end here with giving Glory to God our Creator for his blessings on our family and the opportunities he has given us to meet so many incredible people through this business. Many times things don't go as planned and blessings come disguised through hard times and things we don't see as good. Today I'd like to testify to the fact that no matter what the day may hold God is Good!   

                                Have a great day! 

                      Looking forward to hearing from you,

                      More coming about the expansion.  


Letters from Home

March 13, 2014

Hello Everyone,  

     After a day or two of springlike weather, tonight it seems like winter has come back. It is again snowing and breezy from the north. This morning I thought it really seemed like Spring. It was 41F and the meadowlark was singing and the Killdeer were calling. I noticed the Red-winged Blackbirds are also back. I heard geese honking but didn't pay much attention to it since they are so common in this area. When I did look up there was a large flock of them flying in a big V formation. Since they were quite high in the air and heading north I assume they were migrating.  

     During March when waterfowl migrate through this area to their nesting grounds up north, the Killbuck Wildlife Refuge near Shreve and Funk Bottoms are excellent areas to visit for birders to see how many different kinds they can find.  

    Let's rejoice, Spring is coming!

    Farmers are busy hauling manure and hoping the grounds will soon thaw and dry up enough so they can start plowing.  

    This past week the Mid-Ohio horse sale was held at Mt Hope. A lot of people from out of state come for that event.  

    Last month I wrote about the neighbor men needing to dig a grave in the frozen ground. Someone told me the ground was frozen 14 inches deep and they used a cement saw to breakup the soil.  

    I brought two of my Amaryllis bulbs up from the basement and am looking forward to having beautiful flowers indoors in a few weeks.  

    Here is a little poem on kindness I saw on a wall motto:


A kindly word so often helps

A sad heard on it's way,

Although we cannont always see

The good it does that day.  

                                              God is good

                                              - Sovilla

Letters from Home

March 04, 2014

Greetings to all our great customers!  

      Well, the last letter left you staying warm and thinking about custard. I'm wondering how that worked out for everyone

      It's all worked out pretty good around here and I think for the most part no one gained too much weight because of eating custard.  

WELCOME Conrad!    

    Today begins a new part of our lives here at The Ashery as my brother Conrad begins working with us here at the business once again. It's very exciting to have him on board! I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers and Conrad is the youngest of us all  (we're all getting pretty old).

      Conrad spent most of his growing up years living here at The Ashery. He knows the neighbors and may even remember a few of our customers faces as well. He got married about 10 years ago moved to the Hartville area and has 4 children.

       Conrad will be in training to serve as our retail floor manager so you should have plenty of opportunities to meet him and strike up a conversation, stop by and welcome him to The Ashery.

         Super excited for all God has in store for us at The Ashery. Stay tuned & have a Great Day!

                Happy Trails, Curt

PS.   Plans are to be offering "Cecil's Frozen Custard" the first weekend in April.